DPSA CGICT Toolkit & Implementation Support

The Cabinet has approved the Corporate Governance of ICT Governance Policy Framework (ICT Policy Framework) which was developed by the DPSA.

This effectively means that the South African Government Departments, Provinces, Municipalities and other Government institutions are required to comply with the requirements of this ICT Policy Framework. Compliance with the Framework , which will be monitored / measured by the DPSA, Department of Planning and the AG, involves the adoption of a phased implementation approach that should be completed by the following strict deadlines.

Analytix, utilizing its over 12 years COBIT and IT Governance consulting and training experience, has developed a COBIT 5 based ICT Governance Implementation Accelerator, to assist South African Government organizations to meet the deadlines for the implementation of the framework.

The COBIT 5 Implementation Accelerator provides comprehensive Cobit 5 aligned ICT Governance and ICT Management content and knowledge covering all the 37 COBIT 5 processes. The Accelerator also includes other tools to implement COBIT 5, create awareness and buy-in, train staff, and implement your COBIT 5 Implementation programme.

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