COBIT 5 Certified Assessor Training offers IT Consulting and Assessment Opportunities

Enhance Your Strategic Value by attending the official APMG accredited COBIT 5 Certified Assessor Training course offered by Analytix.

You may be among those who have what it takes to become a COBIT 5 Certified Assessor

The COBIT 5 Certified Assessor Training  is a pre-requisite for joining ISACA’s COBIT 5 Certified Assessor prgramme. COBIT 5 Certified Assessors are highly competent IT and business professionals who have been trained in performing COBIT-based IT process assessments and have experience in planning, building, running and/or monitoring IT processes.

Benefits for Individual / Consultant

  • Recognition from ISACA as a COBIT 5 Certified Assessor that demonstrates that you have the knowledge, experience and skills that make you a valuable asset to the organization

Benefit for the Organisations

  • Confidence in knowing that COBIT Certified Assessors have undergone the proper training and have the experience to perform an enterprise-wide IT process assessment.

How to Become a COBIT 5 Certified Assessor

  • Score a passing grade on the COBIT 5 Foundation and Assessor exams offered by Analytix through APMG
  • Provide proof of five or more years work experience performing process based activities
  • Submit your COBIT 5 Certified Assessor application to ISACA
  • Pay the ISACA assessor application fee
  • Agree to abide by the ISACA code of Professional Ethics
  • Once you have submitted the required documents and fee, ISACA will review your application to confirm all the necessary requirements have been met for COBIT 
  • If your application is approved, ISACA will issue your Certified Assessor designation

For more information or pricing on the Analytix COBIT 5 Assessor course, please contact us



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