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King IV Corporate Governance Workshop

Training Topic: 
Governance and Compliance
Training Framework/Standard: 

This two-day Corporate Governance course will provide directors and management with an understanding of key Corporate Governance principles and offers practical advice on Corporate Governance best practice. It provides in-depth coverage of the King IV Corporate Governance Code, board structures, roles and committees, reporting and disclosure, corporate social responsibility and risk governance, IT governance and compliance.

Led by an experienced tutor, this two-day course will guide you through an implementation of an effective Corporate Governance and Ethical Leadership, using a combination of practical exercises, group activities and class discussions.

Course Introduction and Overview of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

  • Corporate Governance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Compliance Management


Introduction to King IV

  • Objectives of King IV
  • The National and International context for the development of King IV
  • King IV definition of governance outcomes of ethics, performance, control and legitimacy.
  • Underpinning philosophies of King IV
  • The differences between King III and King IV in the context of:
    • The principles
    • The implications of ‘Apply and Explain” vs “Apply or Explain”
    • The outcomes based approach where companies are expected to consider their impact of their operations on the 6 capitals i.e. Financial, Manufactured, Intellectual, Human, Social and Relationship, Natural.
  • Legal Status of King IV
  • Scope of application of King IV
  • Application – appropriate application of King IV
  • Transition from King III to King IV

Application of KING IV in Public Sector Context

  • Governing Body responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Internal and External Audit
  • Combined assurance
  • Fighting Corruption

Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Citizenship

  • Ethical Leadership
  • Ethical decision-making
    • Being intellectually honest
    • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Ethics management
    • The steps of an ethics management programme (King Report)
    • The role and benefits of corporate values
    • Ethics statements (examples)
    • Integrating values with operations
  • Setting the example
    • The characteristics of an ethical leader
  • Organisation Values, ethics and Culture
  • Responsible corporate citizenship
  • Managing organisational ethics
    • The new King IV recommendations

Performance and reporting

  • Strategy, implementation, performance
  • Reports and disclosures

Governing Structures and Delegation

  • Role of the Governing Body
  • Composition of the governing body
  • Committees of the governing body
  • Delegation to management
  • Performance evaluations

Roles and responsibilities of the Audit and Risk Committee

  • The role of the Audit and Risk Committee

Governance Functional Areas

  • Risk and opportunity governance
    • Understanding the key aspects of risk and the role of the Committee in defining the Risk Strategy of the company;
    • Enterprise Wide Risk Management Principles and practical examples of effective implementation in the context of the company; and
    • Overview of Fraud Risk Management and the role of the Committee in this area
  • Technology and information governance
  • Compliance governance
  • Remuneration governance
  • Assurance

Stakeholder Relationships

  • Stakeholders
  • Responsibilities of shareholders

Key areas learning covered during this course include:

  • A practical framework for implementing successful Corporate Governance
  • Practical application of key principles of King IV Governance Code
  • Director’s duties, classifications and accountability
  • Latest international Governance trends
  • Linkage between Governance, strategy & sustainability
  • Understanding risk governance and IT Governance
  • Understanding compliance
  • Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Citizenship