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ISO/IEC 20000 Practitioner Certification

Training Topic: 
IT Service and Project Management
Training Framework/Standard: 
ISO 20000

This course is a three-day classroom training relevant for professionals who play a role in establishing the ISO/IEC 20000 standard. This course is designed for IT professionals, consultants who play a role in the ISO/IEC 20000 implementation or in providing support around ISO/IEC 20000 certification. 

Practical examples and case studies are used to guide you through the implementation route and prepare you to conduct a ISO/IEC 20000 assessment or audit. At the end of the three-day classroom training the APMG certification exam can be taken. This training does not cover audit techniques or the issues involved in preparing an organization for an audit.

Day 1:

Introduction and background to ISO/IEC 20000 and certification
The content, use and application of ISO/IEC 20000 Part 1
Assignment 1

Day 2:

The content, use and application of ISO/IEC 20000 Part 1 (continued)
Applicability and the definition of scope
Assignment 2 
Day 3:

ISO/IEC 20000, how you can use it and achieve it
Assignment 3
Organizations that can help
Mock examination and review

This practitioner course will equip the delegates to:

  • Understand and apply ISO/IEC 20000 Standard
  • Understand and describe the relationships between ISO/IEC 20000 and best practices
  • Assist and advise organisations in assessing their readiness for ISO/IEC 20000 certification
  • Advise organisations of the issues concerning applicability and scope 
  • Produce a gap analysis and improvement / implementation plan
  • Assist and advise organizations in implementing a continual improvement process
  • Prepare organisations for ISO/IEC 20000 certification
  • Help organisations to achieve ISO/IEC 20000 certification

This course aims at those IT Consultants, IT Service Providers and IT Managers who involved in the implementation of ISO20000.

  • Complex Multiple Choice
  • 4 questions per paper, 20 marks available per question
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) - 50%
  • Three hours duration
  • Open book (a copy of Part 1 is permitted).


A candidate must hold one of the following certifications to qualify to sit the Practitioner examination:

  • The APMG ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation


At Practitioner level you should understand and be able to apply the content of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard within currently certified organisations or those considering certification.