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COBIT 5 Implementation Training Certification

Training Topic: 
IT Governance
Training Framework/Standard: 

   COBIT® 5 is the internationally accepted best practice framework for IT governance and control. With a focus on managing processes, COBIT® 5 has helped organisations bridge the gaps between control requirements, regulatory compliance and business risks to significantly increase the value of their investment in IT.

Building on existing knowledge, this COBIT® 5 Implementation training course provides delegates with a practical appreciation of how to apply COBIT 5 to specific business problems, pain points, trigger events and risk scenarios within an organisation. Supported by the use of practical exercises and case-based scenarios, delegates will learn how to apply the the COBIT® 5 continual improvement life cycle to establish and maintain a sustainable approach to governing and managing IT as “normal business practice”.

This 2-day course immerses participants in all aspects of managing an IT governance implementation and improvement program. The course covers the creation of an implementation roadmap and the change management activities and techniques that are necessary to improve IT governance. The course is designed using an engaging, scenario-based approach and includes interactive learning activities to teach a method to follow for ensuring successful outcomes. In addition, the participants benefit from the practical experience and knowledge provided in the course.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Analyse the enterprise drivers
  • Identify challenges, root causes & success factors
  • Assess current process capability (As Is)
  • Determine target process capability (To Be)
  • Scope and plan improvements
  • Consider practical implementation factors
  • Identify and avoid potential pitfalls
  • Leverage the latest good practices
  • Apply the COBIT® 5 continual improvement lifecycle approach to address these requirements and establish and maintain a sustainable approach to governing and
  • Managing enterprise IT as “normal business practice”
  • CIO’s
  • IT Directors
  • IT Managers
  • IT Process Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Operation Managers
  • Business Managers
  • IT Auditors
  • The COBIT® 5 Implementation examination paper consists of three booklets: the scenario booklet, question booklet and the answer (sheet) booklet. In total, there are four questions, each testing one syllabus area, in various formats (multiple choice, multiple response, matching responses and evaluating statements).
  • The pass mark for the Implementation exam is 50%.
  • Each of the four questions contains 20 question lines, each of which attracts 1 mark, giving a total of 80 marks. Each of the four questions will be sub-divided into parts. Each of these ‘part-questions’ will identify the portion of the 20 marks allocated to it.
  • The exam is 150 minutes in duration.
  • Participants may reference their copy of the Implementation Guide during the examination
  • Learners require a hard copy of the ISACA COBIT® 5 Implementation Guide in order to complete the examination; download or purchase this from the ISACA Web site: www.isaca.org    


APMG Examination Terms and Conditions: http://www.apmg-international.com/en/legal-policies/terms-conditions.aspx

APMG COBIT® 5 Examinations FAQs: http://www.apmg-international.com/faq.aspx?category=COBIT+5+FAQs&btnSubmit=Open

  • All individuals attending this course must have successfully completed the COBIT® 5 Foundation training course and exam. Proof can be sent to info@analytix.co.za
  • Learners require a hard copy of the ISACA COBIT® 5 Implementation Guide; download or purchase this from the ISACA Web site: www.isaca.org