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COBIT 5 Assessor Training Certification

Training Topic: 
IT Governance
Training Framework/Standard: 

COBIT® 5 is the internationally accepted best practice framework for IT governance and control. With a focus on managing processes, COBIT® 5 has helped organisations bridge the gaps between control requirements, regulatory compliance and business risks to significantly increase the value of their investment in IT.

The COBIT 5 Assessor course provides a basis for assessing an organisation’s process capabilities against the COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM). Evidence-based to enable a reliable, consistent and repeatable way to assess IT process capabilities, this model helps IT leaders gain board member buy-in for change and improvement initiatives.

Assessment results provide a determination of process capability. They can be used for process improvement, delivering value to the business, measuring the achievement of current or projected business goals, benchmarking, consistent reporting and organizational compliance.


Overview and recap foundation

  •  The process assessment model (PAM)
  •  Assessors Guide - Using COBIT® 5

Roles and Responsibilities

  •  The Assessment Team
  •  An Independent Assessment
  •  Key Roles and Responsibilities
  •  Other Participants
  •  Competency of Assessors
  •  Key Issues for the Assessment

Assessment Initiation

  •  Overview
  •  Key Issues
  •  Recommended Steps
  •  Assessment Tools

Scoping the Assessment

  •  Initial Mapping of the Enterprise Processes To COBIT®
  •  Scoping Tools

Planning the Assessment and Briefing the Teams

  •  Planning the Assessment
  •  Briefing

Data Collection

  •  Documented Data Collection Strategy
  •  Evidentiary Requirements
  •  Systematic Recording
  •  Preparation

Data Validation

  •  Validation during Data Collection
  •  Review of Data Collected
  •  Dealing with Deficiencies

Process Attribute Rating

  •  The Decision Making Process
  •  Setting Target Capability Levels
  •  Process Capability Level Rating

Assessment Reporting

  •  Nature of Engagement
  •  Reporting
  •  Content
  •  Implications of Assessment Results
  •  Presentation to Participants

Performing a Self-Assessment

Exam preparation

  •  Exam Tips & Tricks
  •  Mock Exam

Official COBIT® 5 Assessor Exam


On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Perform a process capability assessment using the Assessor Guide
  • Apply the Process Assessment Model (The PAM) in performing a process capability assessment
  • Identify and assess the roles and responsibilities in the process capability assessment process
  • Perform and assess the 7 steps outlined in the Assessor Guide


A successful practitioner candidate will be able to become an assessor or a lead assessor and apply for full ISACA certification if they can supply further proof of the competences required by ISACA.

  • IT Process Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Operation Managers
  • Business Managers
  • IT Auditors
  • Internal
  • External Auditors

The official exam COBIT® 5 Assessor ISACA®/APMG is included in the COBIT® 5 Assessor and Certification training course package.

Based on a case study, the exam consists of 8 complex multiple-choice questions each covering a different syllabus area or combination of syllabus areas. Each of the eight questions contains 10 question lines, each of which attracts 1 mark, giving a total of 80 marks. The pass mark is 40 (50%). This is an open book exam. Hard copies of the ISACA's official publications COBIT® Assessor Guide: Using COBIT® 5 and COBIT® Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT® 5 is allowed. The examination takes place immediately at the end of the course and is invigilated by an accredited invigilator. The duration of the exam is 2.5 hour (an additional 40 min is given for candidates whose first language is not English)

APMG Examination Terms and Conditions: http://www.apmg-international.com/en/legal-policies/terms-conditions.aspx

APMG COBIT® 5 Examinations FAQs: http://www.apmg-international.com/faq.aspx?category=COBIT+5+FAQs&btnSubmit=Open

All individuals attending this course must have successfully completed the COBIT® 5 Foundation training course and exam. Proof can be sent to info@analytix.co.za