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ISO/IEC 20000
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Strategy Facilitation Sessions

Strategy Facilitation

Analytix offers a strategic facilitation service that provides an objective senior strategy facilitator to facilitate strategic planning sessions for boards, executive management teams, business units and teams. We believe that good strategy is developed by managers having good strategic conversations. It is only when senior management teams allow themselves the time out of the day to day management of the organisation that they can really attend to the bigger picture and future direction of the organisation.

Design and run away day, corporate retreat, strategy planning meetings

We design and run an away day, corporate retreat and strategy planning meetings for executive teams. Our senior strategy facilitator is highly experienced in working with executive management teams to facilitate strategic conversations, and lead major strategic planning and decision-making exercises. Strategic planning sessions provide you with the ideal platform to solicit inputs and perspectives from your entire team, resulting in better outcomes and internal buy-in.

The facilitated planning session where the purpose is clear, allowing you to assemble the right people, and there is a systematic process in place to help the group achieve its goals in a timely and organized manner.

Our approach to strategy facilitation makes provision for the services of an experienced strategy facilitator to lead the facilitation of your organisations strategy and assist to document the agreed strategies based on the decisions made during the strategy revision and or planning workshop.

Experienced Strategy Facilitator

Our principal consultant Johan Botha is well equipped and experienced to effectively manage executive group interaction at board and or executive level. Our strategy facilitation consultant is proficient in applying a proven facilitation methodology and techniques for executing successful executive group strategy sessions. The consultant has over 15 years’ local and international strategy facilitation and documentation experience in the application of a tried and tested strategy facilitation and development methodology that yields a consistent set of techniques for: 

Through the methodology we have a consistent set of techniques for:

  • Getting management excited about participating right from the beginning
  • Keeping the group focused and on track
  • Probing with questions to get at critical issues
  • Building consensus from diverse views
  • Keeping the energy and participation high throughout
  • Dealing with dysfunctional behaviour within the group
  • Gaining buy-in and commitment for action

The Analytix approach to strategy facilitation and development makes provision for the availing a senior experienced and qualified strategy facilitator The typical steps in this ‘top-down’ strategy development approach are in summary:

1.    Confirm or establish the mission and vision of the organisation.
2.    Discuss, analyse and agree on the challenges, market and environment.
3.    Undertake a SWOT analysis, including summarising the major risks and opportunities.
4.    Describe and articulate (or formulate) the strategy.
5.    Identify the critical success factors of the strategy.
6.    Identify the strategic objectives and their cause and effect linkages (within the 4 prescribed perspectives for the Balanced scorecard), creating a visual strategy map.
7.    Identify the key performance measures of the strategic objectives.
8.    Identify the supporting objectives or strategic initiatives.
9.    Develop descriptions of the strategic initiatives, as well as identifying the owners and implementation due dates.
10.  Cascade down the identification of supporting objectives and measures.
11.  Build the Corporate Balanced Scorecard using MS Excel spreadsheets with this structure.
12.  Populate the spreadsheets with data, i.e. Objectives, Measures, and Targets. 
13.  Use the measures to evaluate performance. 
14.  Make focused improvements where it matters most.

Depending on the scope of work, the deliverables of the strategic facilitation engagement may include:

  • Review of your current strategic plan
  • Facilitation of your strategy planning workshop
  • Documented strategic plan
  • Alignment of the Strategic Plan to existing organisational Vision, Mission and Values
  • Development and documentation of strategic objectives and strategic initiatives, and allocation of ownership
  • Definition of targets and measures of success
  • Development of strategy map based on the Balanced Scorecard principles
  • Facilitation the development of Business Plans of the various Departments of the Authority to operationalize the Strategic Plan


What will you walk out with after the workshop?

  • A joint understanding of the current situation
  • A jointly developed vision of where the team needs to go
  • A shared set of values of how to manage the team
  • A shared plan of how they will move to their desired state
  • They will review the plan to steer their way to their goals

The benefits of our approach:

  • The team builds the plan themselves
  • In the building of the plan they commit to the actions in it
  • Each team member gets the chance to voice their ideas
  • All the ideas are focused to improve performance
  • The teamhave a short easily communicated plan
  • They can steer their progress using the plan towards their goals