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IT Transformation Consulting

IT Governance & Transformation

The execution of an IT strategy often involves broad IT transformation initiatives that cut across the IT organisation functions and locations. These strategic IT programmes are typically aimed at achieving strategic change in the IT direction, operating models, organisation, and technology and / or IT processes. 

The successful execution and delivery of IT transformation programmes therefore require a multi-disciplinary approach involving various IT teams and staff to deliver an integrated result. 

In addition to integrating and managing a programme of projects, the IT organisation’s stakeholders need to be aligned (journey management) and value needs to be tracked. This is in addition to the usual combination of programme related time, cost, quality and risk management.

Managing IT transformation, creating an IT vision of collaboration, making major IT process changes, introducing innovating IT technologies, implementing new IT structures and networks, and establishing a participatory culture… these are all services that support your business in successfully achieving and sustaining major IT related organisational change. 

Key IT Transformation Services

Analytix provides consulting service to assist IT management to plan and deploy IT for the most value, helping them set the technology agenda and position of the IT organisation and the business for the future. 

Some of the key IT Transformation consulting services we offer include:

IT Strategy - Our comprehensive IT strategy services help organisations shape the direction of IT over the next three to five years to maximise business value. We assist organisations in developing:

  • Comprehensive IT strategies
  • Strategies for all key components of IT, including information strategy, IT sourcing strategy, IT systems strategy and IT infrastructure strategy. 


Enterprise Architecture - We help organisations establish and implement a vision, road map and governance for the use of information technology to address today’s business needs and support future growth. Our services comprise:

  • Custom and framework-based enterprise architecture development.
  • Development and implementation of enterprise architecture governance and architecture team operating models. 
  • Use of industry-specific enterprise architecture blueprints that leverage 


IT Transformation - Our IT transformation services help companies drive significant, sustained change to their IT organisation’s processes, technology and culture. Our services comprise: 

  • IT capability assessment 
  • IT and architecture governance design 
  • IT workforce analysis and transformation 
  • IT organisation design 
  • IT operating model design 


IT Process Improvement - We assist organisations in implementing efficient IT processes and an integrated IT tool landscape to achieve operational excellence, a cornerstone of cost-effectively supporting growth and high performance. Our services comprise:

  • Enhancement of IT governance and management processes 
  • IT solution delivery optimisation. 
  • Improvement of IT demand and supply processes 
  • Implementation of IT process frameworks and integrated tooling support

IT Organisation Design - Our IT organisation design services assist management to align their IT organisation with new or existing business models and strategies to maximise effectiveness by clarifying work responsibilities and redefining jobs and their relationships to one another (structure), governance mechanisms, and other organisational elements to drive new behavior supporting strategic change and business results.

Change Management – Organisational Change management is a proactive and systematic approach to deal with change from the perspective of an organisation, a group, or at the individual level. Change management helps ensure that people impacted by the changes (technology) understand, accept and commit to changes; thereby mitigating risks and achieving long term benefits faster. 

IT Organisation and People Transformation – Our IT Organisation and People Transformation  service addresses organisation and people impact, and the requirements in support of business transformation objectives, including changed business models, growth and new business models. This solution helps develop a an IT workforce strategy and plan that aligns to your business strategy.

We bring both business and IT perspectives to assist organisations in evaluating technology opportunities and developing IT strategies and plans. Combining our deep IT strategy, industry and technology implementation experience with other needed skills available throughout Analytix, we help IT and business management to : 

  • Guide their organisations in leveraging IT to move the business forward.
  • Identify how the IT organisation can provide greater value to the business.
  • Determine the IT capabilities and strategies needed to exploit emerging business opportunities.
  • Develop the appropriate IT strategy and application blueprint—as well as a plan we can implement with organisations, anywhere in the world.
  • Improve the operations and processes of the IT function, make it more effective and efficient, and align it more closely to business strategy.
  • Get the most business value from IT investments.


Phased Approach

Our approach involves transforming the Business Strategy into an IT Transformation Strategy and delivering it through an IT Transformation Programme.

The following phases are best practice recommendations that can help ensure successful results in change management:

  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Transition
  • Institutionalise