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ISO 31000
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ISO 19600
ISO/IEC 38500
ISO/IEC 27001
ISO/IEC 22301
ISO/IEC 20000
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ISO 19600 Compliance Management Implementation

Compliance Management

The increasing complexity of global compliance and regulatory changes impacting your organization creates operational and business risk that demands a considered compliance program that identifies risks, eliminates gaps, and delivers the flexibility to respond to changes systematically and proactively.

Having the proper tools and analysis in place to build and maintain your compliance program is essential to evaluate, execute and evolve the supporting components and operational effectiveness of your program. A comprehensive Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution can serve as an organisation’s “compliance system of record,” streamlining and automating the compliance process across the enterprise and ultimately providing a body of evidence needed to demonstrate program effectiveness.

Compliance Programme Establishment

Analytix compliance consulting services will assist you to leverage compliance management best practices to jump-start your compliance management programme with experienced and certified consultants.

Our consultants provide the technical expertise and project management capabilities needed to build an efficient compliance function, programme and capability that will assist you to achieve compliance, mitigate risks and ensure adherence to external laws, regulations, corporate policies and procedures.

Analytix’s approach to compliance management is based on assisting organisations to adopt and embed a compliance management lifecycle that comprises of the required Compliance Management elements for establishing a Compliance Management programme. 

This approach and methodology can be implemented by organisations of all sizes, in all sectors:  public, private, non-profit, educational, manufacturing, etc.  

Our compliance management consultancy service includes assessing your current compliance management environment, and developing the appropriate compliance management policy, framework  and procedures, in aligment with the requirements of the international international standard for compliance management, ISO/IEC 19600. Following is a summary of our approach:

  • Introduction to Compliance Management System (CMS) concepts as required by ISO/IEC 19600
    • Introduction to management systems and the process approach
    • Fundamental principles of compoliance management
    • General requirements
  • Planning the CMS
    • Allocating responsibility 
    • Writing the compliance management policy
    • Reviewing the requirements of the CMS
    • Documenting the compliance framework
    • Designing or modifying the necessary policies, procedures and controls for the CMS
    • Preparing an implementation plan for the CMS
  • Monitoring and reviewing the CMS
  • Continual improvement of the CMS

ISO 19600:2014 - Compliance management systems – Guidelines

ISO 19600:2014 provides guidance for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining and improving an effective and responsive compliance management system within an organization. 

The ISO Standard 19600 is aimed at organisations that want to implement a management system that permits them to demonstrate their commitment with the legal requirements to be applied and with other requirements with which they have voluntarily decided to adopt.

The guidelines on compliance management systems are applicable to all types of organizations. The extent of the application of these guidelines depends on the size, structure, nature and complexity of the organization. ISO 19600:2014 is based on the principles of good governance, proportionality, transparency and sustainability.

Depending on your requirements and the Scope of Work of the engagement, our experienced consultants will help you to develop the outputs required for your compliance management programme that may include:

  • Getting commitment and support from senior management
  • Establishing an implementation team to get the best results
  • Mapping out and share compliance roles, responsibilities and timescales
  • Adapting the principles of the ISO 19600 compliance standard to your business
  • Developing compliance management policy, framework and procedures
  • Compliance Management training and awareness

Our ISO/IEC 19600 aligned Compliance Management consultancy delivers real business benefits:

  • It will help a company to avoid breaking the law and suffering the consequences, thereby saving the company time, money and heartache
  • Helping to protect your organisation from regulatory investigations and penalties
  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Giving your business an increased competitive edge
  • Protection of reputation
  • Potentially reduce general insurance premiums
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Take some of the worry from management’s shoulders  allowing more time to concentrate on core business