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Supported Standards:
ISO 31000
BS 10500
ISO 19600
ISO/IEC 38500
ISO/IEC 27001
ISO/IEC 22301
ISO/IEC 20000
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IT Governance
IT Risk
IT Compliance
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COBIT 5 Certification Assessment

IT Governance & Transformation

Analytix COBIT® based IT Governance certification assessment service is designed to provide an assessment of your current IT Governance and IT management practices, utilising a range of information gathering techniques including interviews, facilitated workshops, observations and the study of relevant company records and documentation. 

Certified Assessors

Our COBIT 5 certified assessors are highly competent IT and business professionals who have been trained in performing COBIT-based IT process assessments and have experience in planning, building, running and/or monitoring IT processes.  Our assessors are able to provide reliable, consistent and repeatable assessments of IT process capabilities—which helps IT leaders gain C-level and board member buy-in for change and improvement initiatives. 

​Aim of the IT Governance Assessment

The aim of the IT Governance assessment is to provide management the means to make informed decisions on which IT areas to focus on, which areas to improve, to derive maximum value. 

The assessment results provide a determination of IT process capability and can be used for:

  • IT process improvement
  • Delivering value to the business
  • Measuring the achievement of current or projected IT business goals
  • Benchmarking
  • Reporting and 
  • Organisational compliance

We utilise a formal IT Governance certification assessment approach that has been proven and which is closely aligned with the COBIT® 5 IT Governance and Management framework’s guidelines and Process Capability assessment and implementation models for IT GRC.

A review of the existing IT related documentation is necessary in order to evaluate the capability of your IT processes. Based on the current IT strategy, objectives and risks, we assist you to identify and select the priority IT (COBIT® 5) processes that require initial focus and action. This will enable the IT organisation to show senior executives the “Quick Wins” and define an effective IT Governance implementation plan. 

Formal Certification Assessment

Our formal COBIT® 5 certification assessments makes provision to assist the CIO and IT management team with advisory and consultation services with regards to:

  • COBIT 5 Assesment
    • Undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the IT Governance and IT Management practices, compared with the COBIT® 5 IT Governance and Management framework’s management practices
  • Recommendations
    • Provision and presentation of a comprehensive COBIT® 5 process capability assessment report complete with a gap analysis, and detailed recommendations for achieving the to-be COBIT 5 process capability

COBIT® 5 Assessment Programme

The Analytix IT Governance and IT process Capability assessments are based on ISACA's COBIT® 5 Assessment Programme.  The COBIT® 5 Assessment Programme is the basis for assessing an organisation’s processes for the governance and management of information technology and related services as described in COBIT 5 framework. The COBIT® 5 Assessment Programme includes a process capability model, based on the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 15504 software engineering—process assessment standard.

Our COBIT® 5 based IT Governance assessment approach utilise the following assessment guides : 

  • COBIT® Process Assessment Model (PAM) Using COBIT® 5
  • COBIT® Assessor’s Guide – using COBIT® 5
  • ISO/IEC 15504 software engineering—process assessment standard.


By basing our COBIT® based IT Governance assessment on the COBIT® 5 best practice model, our consultant’s are able to achieve the objectives of process assessment and process improvement support, i.e.:

  • Measure the performance (as-is) of any of the:
    • IT Governance (EDM-based) processes and / or
    • IT Management (PBRM-based) processes, and
  • Allow for future state (to-be) to be defined
  • Allow areas for improvement (gaps) to be identified

The output of the process is an IT Governance and process Capability Assessment report which includes:

  • A quality review of the IT operation against the COBIT® guidelines
  • As-is assessment and to-be targets
  • A gap analysis and actions identified against the COBIT® framework’s guidelines
  • Capability scores and risk assessments against each COBIT® processes
  • Recommendations and IT Governance implementation road map

Our COBIT® based IT Governance Assessment will assist your management to:

  • Benchmark your current IT Governance and Management practices against the IT best practice guidelines of COBIT® 5
  • Determine process capability which provides valuable information to the IT Management about the state of their IT processes
  • Measure the achievement of current or projected business goals
  • Benchmarking, consistent reporting and IT compliance
  • To identify the strengths, weaknesses and risk of selected IT Governance and IT Management processes with respect to the COBIT® 5 Process Reference Model and their alignment with the business need
  • Undertake GAP analysis and report the findings in the form of an COBIT® 5 based IT Governance assessment report
  • Develop a road map for improvement of IT Governance and IT Management actions to close the gap between the as-is, and to-be