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ISO 19600 Compliance Management Implementation

Training Topic: 
Training Framework/Standard: 
ISO/IEC 19600

ISO 19600 defines requirements to continually improve a compliance management system’s effectiveness. It requires an organisation to establish, develop, document, implement, evaluate, maintain and improve an effective and responsive Compliance Management System (CMS). The policy, objectives and processes needed for compliance management must be determined, including the sequence and interaction, and be applied throughout.

This 2 day course provides delegates with an understanding of the International Organisation for Standardisation’s (ISO) standard for compliance management systems – ISO 19600. 

Delegates will learn about the policy, objectives and integrated process approach for compliance management and how to extend their current activities in line with international standards. 

  • Introduction to Compliance Management concepts as required by ISO 19600
    • Introduction to management systems and the process approach
    • Fundamental principles in compliance management
    • General requirements: presentation of the clauses of ISO 19600
    • Planning the Compliance Management System (CMS)
    • Allocating responsibility 
    • Writing the compliance management policy and framework
  • Reviewing the requirements of the CMS
  • Designing or modifying the necessary policies, procedures and controls for the CMS
  • Preparing an implementation plan for the CMS
  • Monitoring and reviewing the CMS
  • Continual improvement of the CMS

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify compliance requirements and an appropriate system for recording them 
  • Plan, document and establish a compliance management system 
  • Review a compliance system & its processes 
  • Determine the purpose and the scope of compliance research that needs to be undertaken to meet legal and client obligations 
  • Define a compliance research plan and gather the required data 
  • Analyse the collected data in a manner that is meaningful to the organisation 
  • Document and communicate the compliance research outcomes 
  • Understand the components of a Continual improvement framework 
  • Use a Continual improvement Framework to ensure new ideas and improvements are managed in a consistent and systematic manner

Those responsible for compliance management, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, risk and compliance, management systems.

Recommended job roles include:

  • Compliance managers and officers
  • Internal legal teams
  • Governance, risk and compliance managers
  • IT GRC officers
  • Internal and external management systems auditors who are new to CMS

There is no examination.